The Cost-Effectiveness Work Stream’s main objective was to maximize available funds when allocating scarce resources for international nutrition programming.  The Food Assistance Cost-Effectiveness Tool for Specialized Nutritious Foods (FACET4SNF) to Support Programming Decisions was developed with the goal to support evidence-informed cost-effective decision-making.  

Overview of FACET4SNF: 


FACET4SNF should be used by funders and implementers who make product, procurement, and program design decisions related to targeted supplementary feeding, therapeutic feeding, and preventive supplementary feeding programs, particularly during the planning, proposal development and review, and end-line reporting and review phases of these programs. 


FACET4SNF is a computer-based interactive tool that estimates cost-efficiency and cost-effectiveness indicators for international nutrition programs occurring in contexts where SNF products (in-kind or locally/regionally procured) are deemed an appropriate modality. FACET4SNF applies to development settings as well as protracted and complex emergency settings.


The FACET4SNF framework was designed to guide decision-makers such as funders and implementers to explicitly incorporate cost-effectiveness as a factor in the decision-making process. FACET4SNF walks users through specific information on SNF program design, costs and nutrition impact so that they can compare cost-effectiveness among alternative SNF product, procurement, or program design choices.  


During the final year of FAQR Phase III, the FAQR team finalized FACET4SNF and its accompanying materials, which will then be delivered to and hosted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), formerly known as the Office of Food for Peace (FFP). In coordination with USAID/BHA contacts, the FAQR team organized a launch webinar and a series of targeted training sessions for potential users.  


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