Organized by USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance and the Food Aid Quality Review (FAQR) Project
  October 5-8, 2020
  Live Online

Following the success of The Future of Food Assistance for Nutrition: Evidence Summit II, a small group of high-level thinkers working in the various domains of food assistance for nutrition convened to engage in a series of discussions related to research and innovation of future food assistance. Thematic areas included evidence gaps in research and innovation related to programming, products, food safety and packaging, and other evidence needs. Priority actions were developed as to what players are needed and how they can work together to address these needs.

Explore the Research Priorities to Support Impactful Food Assistance: Summary of an Expert Dialogue here!


Thank You for Attending The Future of Food Assistance for Nutrition: Evidence Summit II 

The Future of Food Assistance for Nutrition: Evidence Summit II provided an opportunity to showcase new findings from studies around the world, covering key food assistance for nutrition themes, including the impacts of pandemics and other disease outbreaks on programming and supply chain logistics, recent advances in science related to nutrition and specialized nutritious food products, and what we still need to know to improve programming. Your thoughtful and penetrating questions contributed greatly to the success of the Summit and we hope that we can keep the dialogue open with each of you as we continue to generate new food assistance for nutrition evidence. 

We would like to thank all our engaging and knowledgeable speakers, moderators, and Q&A leaders for their informative presentations and commentary. We will be making the recordings and other materials from the Summit available to participants through one of our websites in the upcoming weeks and will notify you when these resources are available for viewing. 


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Now Available! The Future of Food Assistance for Nutrition: Evidence Summit II Summary of Discussions, Key Findings, and Conclusions and Final Report Executive Summary!

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