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Lessons Learned from Cost-Effectiveness Research for Specialized Nutritious Food Assistance in West Africa

Ye Shen; Devika Suri; Stephen Vosti; Breanna Langlois; Ilana Cliffer; Stacey Griswold; Patrick Webb; Beatrice Rogers
Cost Effectiveness Tools, FAQR Field Research

Making Food Aid Fit for Purpose in the 21st Century: A Review of Recent Initiatives Improving the Nutritional Quality of Foods Used in Emergency and Development Programming

Patrick Webb, PhD, Kristine Caiafa, MS, and Shelley Walton, MPH; for the Food Aid Quality Review Group
Food Aid Basket

Malawi Experiences of Caregivers EB 2017

Langlois, B., Suri, D., Shen, Y., Walton, S., Guevara Alvarez, G., Moses, K., and Rogers, B.
FAQR Field Research

Malawi SBCC EB 2017

Wilner, L., Suri, D., Langlois, B., Walton, S., and Rogers, B.
FAQR Field Research

Methods for Rigorous In-home Observation Conducted During a Food Aid Cost-effectiveness Trial in Burkina Faso

Ilana Cliffer; Laetitia Nikiema ; Franck Garanet; Devika Suri; Breanne Langlois; Ye Shen; Shelley Walton; Patrick Webb ; Beatrice Rogers
FAQR Field Research

Population-Based Survey (PBS) Dataset Harmonization and Pooling: Potential Value to USAID and Challenges

Gabrielle Witham ; Audrey Karabayinga; Beatrice Rogers; Patrick Webb
Data Mining

Program changes are effective and cost-effective in increasing the amount of oil used in preparing corn soy blend porridge for treatment of moderate acute malnutrition in Malawi.

Rogers BL, Wilner LB, Maganga G, Walton SM, Suri DJ, Langlois BK, Chui KK, Boiteau JM, Vosti SA, Webb P.
FAQR Field Research

Protein Quality Workshop: Importance of Protein Quality in Prevention and Treatment of Child Malnutrition

Suri D., Marcus S., Shibani G., Kurpad, A. and Rosenberg, I.
Knowledge Sharing

Ready-to-use foods for management of moderate acute malnutrition: Considerations for scaling up production and use in programs

Osendarp S., Rogers B., Ryan K., Manary M., Akomo P., Jbahwere P., Belete H., Zeilani, M., Islam M., Dibari F., de Pee S.
Knowledge Sharing

REFINE Research Uptake Strategy

Tufts University
Knowledge Sharing

REFINE Stakeholder Analysis

Tufts University
Knowledge Sharing

Research Methods Used to Determine Cost-Effectiveness of a Supplementary Feeding Trial to Prevent Child Undernutrition in Burkina Faso

Ye Shen; Ilana Cliffer; Devika Suri; Stephen Vosti; Patrick Webb; Beatrice Rogers
Cost Effectiveness Tools

Salone 2.0 CE Methods EB 2017

Shen, Y., Griswold, S., Suri, D., Vosti, S., and Rogers, B.
Cost Effectiveness Tools

Self-report vs. direct measures for assessing corn soy blend porridge preparation and feeding behavior in a moderate acute malnutrition treatment program in southern Malawi

Breanne K. Langlois, Devika J. Suri, Lauren Wilner, Shelley Marcus Walton, Kwan Ho Kenneth Chui, Kristine R. Caiafa & Beatrice Lorge Rogers
FAQR Field Research